Quebec Wild Blueberries Polar Blue Stars Master Supplier

Polar Blue Stars


Even the most experienced astronomers do not fully agree about the exact number of stars in our galaxy, the Milky Way.  However, most of team seem to say that there would be aroud 300 and 400 billion... of them …

That is a lot of stars!

Also kindly know throughout the industry as "Quebec Wild" or "QWB", our Group, Quebec Wild Blueberries is located right in the heart of the 49th parallel in Quebec, where wilderness is still queen.  Also, polar blue stars obviously refer to wild blueberries, grow, harvested and processed in Quebec, province of a million lakes.

These exceptional growing and pureness conditions allow us to humbly occupy the woldwide leadership in two major distinguished market categories:

  • Leading Wild Organic Blueberry Supplier (Flash-frozen and concentrate).
  • Leading ʺAll-naturalʺ / Boreal wild blueberry Supplier (Flash frozen and concentrate).

Also controlling over 55,000 acres of wild blueberry farms, our group, ʺQWBʺ is the largest acreage holder of the whole industry.

But please, do not get wrong!

Large acreage and volumes are also in direct line with premium quality for us.  We are thus privileged #1 high-standard quality supplier to the challenging but so rewarding market of Japan…

And so far, over 1000 billion polar blue stars in the skies of more than 40 countries around the globe… and still counting!.