• Small fruits, Giant Benefits!

    Quebec Wild Blueberries(QWB) is the Leading supplier of both Wild Natural and Wild Organic Blueberries Worldwide. Our main goal is “Crystal blue clear”:Growing and processing the very fruit of the whole frozen fruit industry!

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  • Much more than just plain regular blueberries

    Containing over 50% more antioxidants than regular cultivated blueberries, Quebec Wild Blueberries literally burst with anthocyanins and vitamins. They may be smaller, but they pack, by far, the healthiest punch!

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  • True Agro-Ecology trailblazer

    Over 50 years ago already, our Group was collecting wild organic blueberries from the northeastern boreal territories of Quebec, which makes us true pioneers in what has become agroecology. Now controlling over 55,000 acres of wild blueberry farms, most of which are certified boreal/all-Natural or organic, we continue to grow our small “Polar Blue Stars” with uttermost respect for ecosystems and environment. We take great pride in being among worldwide leaders in the sustainability arena, with the very best agriculture practices in the whole frozen fruit industry.

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Polar Blue Stars Program

Our Polar Blue Stars Program is the very guarantee of outstanding, high-end sustainability solutions in the whole frozen fruit category worldwide and our greenest legacy to future generations.

So far, no fewer than 1,000 billion little Polar Blue Stars have been frozen one by one and shipped to over 40 countries!

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Small Fruits, Big Benefits

55000 + acres

of wild blueberry fields

Largest acreage holder

in the whole industry

Main supplier

of high-end quality standards Wild Blueberries in Japan


State of the art processing plants

Greenest concepts

in the Whole frozen fruits industry

Cultivate your passion with a career in the Wild Blueberry World



Do you know why Wild blueberry is called « THE brain berry » ?!?

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Be part of the next generation

Be part of the next conscious generation and join us in our rewarding high-sustainability journey and what makes our Group an agroecology reference in over 40 countries.

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Bleuets sauvages du Québec


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