Wild boreal blueberries

Spread across the boreal regions of Quebec, our wild blueberry fields are the primary essence of our worldwide reputation. The quality of the soil and the special climate of these regions are so conducive to the growth of this blue pearl that we are supplying it to more than 20 countries.

Furthermore, the exceptional properties of the boreal regions, together with our extensive research, allowed us to use such low levels of pesticides that we wondered if they could be reduced even further. The answer is yes.

Quebec Wild Blueberries is very proud to announce a new concept in the industry and an alternative to the constantly-growing demand for wild organic blueberries: the authentic, 100% natural and certified pesticide-free “Wild boreal blueberry.”

Look for our symbol of a majestic polar bear playing with a wild blueberry. No other fruits can compare!

Promote and facilitate the marketing of wild blueberries of others on the United States and international markets through direct sales, and to undertake promotional and advertising campaigns for others for the development and marketing of wild blueberries grown in Canada through direct sales

Boreal wild blueberries

Quebec wild blueberries: a world of alternatives