Our wild blueberries: small fruit, Giant benefits!

Either 100% natural or all the way organic, our fruits hold unrivalled constant taste and highest antioxidant content.

Discover Quebec Wild Blueberries, a unique variety of boreal blueberries produced in Quebec’s wild northern territories 100% naturally and organically, using methods that give the fruit unrivalled taste and texture.

Did you know that there are over a hundred different varieties of cultivated plain blueberries?!?

We instead offer only ONE unique non-GMO variety of organic and 100% natural wild blueberries mostly gown in the northern boreal forests of Quebec, Canada.

Benefits of Quebec wild blueberries

So much more than regular plain blueberries, Quebec Wild Blueberries are the undisputed champions in the antioxidant arena. Literally bursting with anthocyanins and vitamins, they hold twice as many antioxidants as regular cultivated blueberries.

Quebec Wild Blueberries are produced mainly in the Saguenay–Lac-Saint-Jean region, one of the world’s blueberry capitals, and, thanks to the rich soil they grow in, are known for their unrivalled quality.

Frozen: Fresher than fresh AND truly helping the planet

Did you know that of all the food consumed in North America and many Western countries, an astonishing 40% was literally wasted… 40%! Well, good news! Something very concrete can be done by each of us to help reduce that ridiculous and polluting waste: consuming frozen food instead!
According to numerous studies, consuming frozen food instead of fresh would reduce by 47% this initial waste… MAJOR!

By the way, ALL our Wild Organic and Wild Natural Blueberries are either flash-frozen or concentrated… We are a team of our word!

Bleuets sauvages du Québec

Our production

Our Group grows and processes its Wild Organic and Wild Natural Blueberries with uttermost respect for the environment and ecosystems.

Do you know why Wild blueberry is called « THE brain berry » ?!?


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Bleuets sauvages du Québec


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