Sustainable production methods

Quebec Wild Blueberries embraces family values such as sharing, respect, and protecting others. These values have guided us towards sustainable methods that are not harmful to people, the environment, nature, or the bees that ensure the quality of our product.

Bleuets sauvages du Québec

Exemplary management and operation

Our concern for preservation and protection has earned the company numerous accolades from international bodies for sustainable management and operation, including the “Organic” and “Boreal Wild Blueberry” certifications awarded by Ecocert.

Bleuets sauvages du Québec

Responsible production practices

Quebec Wild Blueberries has been rewarded by the Carbo-Neutral Certification based in the Netherlands project, which recognizes our organization’s efforts to protect ecosystems by significantly limiting our ecological footprint. This recognition has enabled Quebec Wild Blueberries to develop the Polar Blue Stars program, which supports the company in achieving full carbon neutrality by 2050.

We want the whole world to be able to eat more blueberries produced using methods that are not harmful to communities and ecosystems. Because everyone deserves to enjoy Quebec’s little blue stars!

Local blueberries picked by local people

At Quebec Wild Blueberries, more than 425 farming families join forces and channel their passion to produce the best blueberries nature can create.

Bleuets sauvages du Québec
Bleuets sauvages du Québec


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